Research & Development

Sinovac’s R & D strategy focuses on:


l  In-house development:


Ø  To develop novel vaccines to prevent and control newly emerged infectious diseases such as SARS, avian influenza (H5N1), H1N1 influenza, and hand foot and mouth disease.


Ø  To develop new generation of conventional vaccines with technological innovation such as hepatitis vaccines, seasonal influenza vaccine, mumps vaccine, varicella, etc.


Sinovac has a well organized and experienced R&D team, which utilizes the innovative methods and technology, combined with government support to develop and market the top-quality vaccines to prevent and control infectious diseases. Sinovac has successfully developed SARS vaccine and completed phase I clinical trial, which was the first company globally completing the phase I clinical trial. Additionally, Sinovac also succeeded in the research and development of human-used avian flu vaccine against H5N1 influenza, which was licensed in 2008, and is the only licensed H5N1 vaccine for China government stockpile. Due to the severe epidemic situation of hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD) in China and surrounding countries, Sinovac stood out again to develop a EV71 vaccine against HFMD caused by enterovirus 71. Currently, the phase III clinical trials have been completed and it is anticipated to be licensed in 2014.


In addition to develop the novel vaccines to against newly emerged diseases Sinovac also utilizes the advanced technologies to develop the generic vaccines, such as hepatitis vaccines, seasonal influenza vaccine and mumps vaccine. In 2002, Sinovac launched the first proprietary inactivated hepatitis A vaccine in China, providing the superior and much safer hepatitis A vaccine to Chinese population compared to the other version. And in 2006, Sinovac launched Anflu, the seasonal influenza vaccine which is the only preservative free influenza vaccine supplied by domestic manufacturers. Now we are working on the research and development in other generic vaccines to address the demand in both China and overseas market.


l  To establish collaborations in R&D with domestic and international partners on technology and virus strains use rights licensing.


We have collaborated with a group of leading universities, colleges and research institutes that have strong vaccine research capabilities and proven track records in China and overseas, such as University of Sydney, China CDC, National Institutes of Health, etc.. We will continue to keep open minded to find more opportunities to achieve our target.


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