Product Highlights

  • A WHO Prequalified Inactivated Hepatitis A Vaccine
  • First Inactivated Hepatitis A Vaccine Developed in China
  • Fast, Efficient and Long-lasting Immune Effectiveness
  • Long Product Shelf Life: 42 months
Healive® - Inactivated Hepatitis A Vaccine
Healive is the first inactivated hepatitis A vaccine developed in China by Chinese scientists who retained the intellectual property rights. It brought to an end an era in which China did not have its own technology for developing and producing inactivated Hepatitis A vaccine. Healive received the new drug certificate from the China State and Food Drug Administration in 1999, obtained final regulatory approval for production in May 2002 and was launched that same year.
Preservative Free
Healive is a purified inactivated Hepatitis A vaccine without any preservatives.
Healive has a long shelf life of at least 2.5 years when the recommended cold chain storage is maintained at 2-8 degrees Celsius and of 32 days when the cold chain storage is not maintained. All tests were conducted in full compliance with quality specifications.
Target Population
◇ Children over one year of age ; primary school to university students
◇ Food and beverage handlers, hotel staffs
◇ Employees working with school age children and at boarding schools
◇ Travelers
◇ Military personnel
◇ People close to Hepatitis A patients
◇ HBsAg carriers
◇ People with frequent blood infusions, drug addicts using vein injection, and homosexuals
◇ Others at risk
- Take survey about illness history; avoid being inoculated after contracting prohibited diseases.
- Inject the vaccine into upper arm deltoid muscle by intramuscularly route and avoid injection under skin.
- Shake well before use to minimize side effects.
Store and transportation
Maintain cold chain storage at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius

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