International Business

With the mission of “providing vaccines for humans to eliminate diseases”, the company has actively deployed overseas business on the basis of its business in China, and has established a professional, international and experienced overseas business and registration team, committed to providing products and services for the global unmet need for disease prevention and control.

China's first inactivated hepatitis A vaccine, Healive, independently developed by the company, has been pre-certified by the World Health Organization, and more products will be pre-certified in the future to provide products to international organizations and countries/regions in need. At present, the company has established reliable partnerships with dozens of countries and obtained product sales licenses. Among them, vaccines such as hepatitis A and influenza have been sold to many countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Meanwhile, it also supplies to many international organizations, and its products and services are all well accepted.


In addition, with the support of major national projects, Inlive, the first vaccine to prevent hand foot mouth disease caused by EV71 in China, is promoting clinical research in many countries, and to provide effective prevention and control programs for countries and children affected by the disease.

Looking to the future, with the company’s international development, we will provide more high-quality vaccine products and better services to more countries, regions and international organizations around the world.