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YEAR 2022

FilingsFormatFiling Date
6-KSINOVAC Reports Unaudited First Half of 2023 Financial Results8/15/2023
20-F2022 Annual Report5/1/2023
6-KSecond Half of 2022 Financial Report5/1/2023
6-KFirst Half of 2022 Financial Report12/29/2022

YEAR 2021

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2021 Annual Report04/29/2022
6-kSecond Half of 2021 Financial Report05/02/2022
6-kFirst Half of 2021 Financial Report12/30/2020

YEAR 2020

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2020 Annual Report04/22/2021
6-kQ4 2020 Financial Report04/23/2021
6-kQ3 2020 Financial Report12/07/2020
6-kQ2 2020 Financial Report08/28/2020
6-kQ1 2020 Financial Report06/30/2020

YEAR 2019

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2019 Annual Report04/30/2020
6-kQ4 2019 Financial Report04/30/2020
6-kQ3 2019 Financial Report11/18/2019
6-kQ2 2019 Financial Report08/16/2019
6-kQ1 2019 Financial Report07/11/2019

YEAR 2018

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2018 Annual Report04/29/2019
6-kSecond Half of 2018 Financial Report04/30/2019
6-kFirst Half of 2018 Financial Report11/08/2018

YEAR 2017

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2017 Annual Report05/11/2018
6-kSecond Half of 2017 Financial Report05/11/2018
6-kFirst Half of 2017 Financial Report12/01/2017

YEAR 2016

FilingsFormatFiling Date
6-k2016 Annual Report11/22/2017
6-kQ4 2016 Financial Report11/22/2017
6-kQ3 2016 Financial Report02/08/2017
6-kQ2 2016 Financial Report08/24/2016
6-kQ1 2016 Financial Report06/02/2016

YEAR 2015

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2015 Annual Report04/25/2016
6-kQ3 2015 Financial Report11/13/2015
6-kQ2 2015 Financial Report08/13/2015
6-kQ1 2015 Financial Report05/15/2015

YEAR 2014

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2014 Annual Report04/29/2015
6-kQ4 2014 Financial Report04/29/2015
6-kQ3 2014 Financial Report11/17/2014
6-KQ2 2014 Financial Report08/19/2014
6-KQ1 2014 Financial Report06/24/2014

YEAR 2013

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2013 Annual Report04/16/2014
6-KQ4 2013 Financial Report03/24/2014
6-KQ3 2013 Financial Report01/27/2014
6-KQ2 2013 Financial Report08/16/2013
6-KQ1 2013 Financial Report05/28/2013

YEAR 2012

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2012 Annual Report04/30/2013
6-KQ4 2012 Financial Report05/03/2013
6-KQ3 2012 Financial Report11/16/2012
6-KQ2 2012 Financial Report09/28/2012
6-KQ1 2012 Financial Report05/18/2012

YEAR 2011

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2011 Annual Report04/12/2012
6-KQ4 2011 Financial Report04/06/2012
6-KQ3 2011 Financial Report12/08/2011
6-KQ2 2011 Financial Report08/17/2011
6-KQ1 2011 Financial Report05/13/2011

YEAR 2010

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2010 Annual Report04/22/2011
6-KQ4 2010 Financial Report04/18/2011
6-KQ3 2010 Financial Report11/16/2010
6-KQ2 2010 Financial Report08/17/2010
6-KQ1 2010 Financial Report05/19/2010

YEAR 2009

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2009 Annual Report04/16/2010
6-KQ4 2009 Financial Report04/07/2010
6-KQ3 2009 Financial Report11/18/2009
6-KQ2 2009 Financial Report09/30/2009
6-KQ1 2009 Financial Report09/29/2009

YEAR 2008

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F/AAmendment to 2008 Annual Report01/20/2010
20-F/AAmendment to 2008 Annual Report08/20/2009
20-F2008 Annual Report05/01/2009
6-KQ4 2008 Financial Report05/06/2009
6-KQ3 2008 Financial Report11/28/2008
6-KQ2 2008 Financial Report08/18/2008
6-KQ1 2008 Financial Report05/19/2008

YEAR 2007

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2007 Annual Report03/31/2008
6-KQ4 2007 Financial Report04/02/2008
6-KQ3 2007 Financial Report12/11/2007
6-K2007 Semi-annual Report08/16/2007

YEAR 2006

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2006 Annual Report04/11/2007
6-K2006 Semi-annual Report09/12/2006

YEAR 2005

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2005 Annual Report07/14/2006
6-K2005 Semi-annual Report01/10/2006

YEAR 2004

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2004 Annual Report05/27/2005
6-KQ3 2004 Financial Report02/11/2005
6-K2004 Semi-annual Report11/12/2004

YEAR 2003

FilingsFormatFiling Date
20-F2003 Annual Report12/31/2003
6-K2003 Semi-annual Report09/26/2003