Logistics Distribution

Domestic logistics and Distribution

Sinovac adopts a combination of self-transportation and high-quality distributors, taking road refrigerated trucks as mainly transportation mode and aviation refrigerated container as supplemented one. It has established a full cold chain distribution network covering 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country.

The service quality of the company is further extended through the logistics business, allowing customers to experience professional, caring and thoughtful services in terms of quality control, delivery timeliness, and professionalism of personnel.

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International logistics and Distribution

The company's international market currently covers about 20 countries around the world. In this process, international logistics business has also developed rapidly. With the help of domestic logistics quality management experience, quality management has been deeply involved in many links, such as packaging design, packing scheme and selection of distributors. At present, there are more than 25 international logistics routes with an annual loading capacity of more than 98 tons, which has laid a solid foundation for the further development of the international market in the future.

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