Clarification Statement

SINOVAC Biotech Ltd. ("SINOVAC") recently noticed a Portuguese-language press release with a statement that does not conform to the facts. This fraudulent statement ("Fraudulent Statement") was published by certain media outlets in Brazil on 16 July 2021, claiming that "the World Brands S.A. and individuals can purchase from SINOVAC Biotech Ltd." which was fake. Several media have reported about the Fraudulent Statement.

With regard to this, we hereby clarify that:

(i) the Covid-19 vaccine (CoronaVac®) is developed, manufactured and distributed by SINOVAC Life Sciences Co., Ltd.

(ii) In Brazil, only the Instituto Butantan, our exclusive partner, can purchase CoronaVac®. We have been working hard with the Instituto Butantan to provide affordable vaccines to the Brazilian people.

(iii) Any information released by any company without authorization from SINOVAC has no legal significance.

(iv) For illegal acts of publishing fake news, we reserve the right to take all actions, including taking legal actions, seeking remedies and seeking accountability.


SINOVAC Biotech Ltd.

Jul 17, 2021