SINOVAC Omicron-specific vaccine approved for clinical trial in Hong Kong

April 14, 2022, Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (“SINOVAC”) announced that its inactivated COVID-19 vaccine (Omicron strain) has been approved for clinical trial in Hong Kong, China.


SINOVAC continuously carried out the development of COVID-19 vaccines targeting the Gamma and Delta strains during 2021. When the Omicron variant was first reported to WHO on November 24, SINOVAC quickly obtained the strain by early December, actively promoted development and preclinical research that has demonstrated the vaccine is safe and effective in animals.


In February 2022, SINOVAC began submitting clinical applications for its Omicron-specific COVID-19 vaccine to countries and regions globally. The clinical approval in Hong Kong is the first for the SINOVAC Omicron strain inactivated vaccine. SINOVAC will continue its extensive cooperation with global partners to promote research on its vaccine based on the original COVID-19 strain against emerging variants, as well as clinical research on sequential immunization of new variant strain vaccines, to evaluate their safety and effectiveness.